Addictions Therapy & Family Support

Addiction is a family disease.    One person may use, but the whole family suffers.

Addiction is a family disease.
One person may use, but the whole family suffers.

Full Life Therapy has a proven record for success in Addictions Counselling. This is a highly specialised method of counselling to ensure that each person has best practice for individualised treatment strategies arranged for positive results. 

Alcohol, illicit drug/legal prescription drug misuse and serious addictive behaviours have a major impact on all of us in some way.  Our mental and physical health, relationships, finances, employment and families can all be negatively effected.

If you find that your life is out of control because of drug and/or alcohol misuse (or gambling, food, internet etc.) we are able to help. Getting the help and support you need in managing your addictive practices will give you back a better life. 

Our professional and experienced care in a non-judgemental environment will minimise the possibility of relapse as the recovery work continues.  We work collaboratively with wider community services if required, for best outcomes.

We take a 'no bull', realistic, practical solutions approach to alcohol problems (and other addictions) and work with adults from age 18 onwards who are serious about doing the work required. 

From the first assessment we work out the best way forward for your unique  needs. Whether you need immediate medical assistance, rehabilitation services, have relapsed or you have concerns that your alcohol or drug misuse is out of hand we are here to help, support and guide you in your recovery.  

Full Life Therapy addiction counselling encourages, informs, educates, challenges, inspires, strengthens, supports & empowers each person.  Each of the individual sessions and group therapy sessions give detailed information and activities to learn, grow and succeed in their ongoing recovery towards full life. 

Our sessions include:

  • Harm minimisation in recovery

  • Understanding the detoxification process

  • Understanding the cycle of addiction

  • Addictive behaviours and your family of origin

  • Consequential thinking

  • Choices

  • Strengthening self-worth

  • Boundary setting

  • Manage Anxiety

  • Dealing with stressful events and strong emotions

  • Developing trust and rebuilding trusting relationships with others

  • Managing conflict

  • Anger management

  • Communicating effectively

  • Parenting under pressure

  • Working with child protection

  • Understanding the legal system

  • Maintenance management

  • Diet and nutrition in recovery

  • Discipline = freedom

  • Financial management

  • Vocational / career support

  • Accommodation - getting it right

  • Dealing with triggers

  • Dealing with cravings

  • Fun without stimulants

Counsellor’s facilitate client growth in ways which respect the person’s values, personal resources and capacity for self-determination, leading to lifelong recovery.


Addiction does not only damage the health and well being of those addicted but also has a similar effect on others. Families often need help and support in order to be able to better understand and cope with the vicious circle of addiction in their lives. 

Addiction brings worry, fear and stress into the lives of all family members. Family members bounce from worry and concern to anger and frustration until they eventually find themselves exhausted, isolated and discouraged. Because of loyalty to the addicted person, they often deal with their pain in isolation and silence. This is why family support in a safe, confidential environment is so important.

Addiction counsellors have the skill, training and compassion to assist family members in distress.

Family Support Groups are also held as required.


Recovering Balance is a 6 week course which will provide valuable support, information and education about supporting a family member who has an alcohol or drug addiction.  The interactive, informative and empowering sessions help you to cope and thrive in spite of the chaos that alcohol/drug misuse also brings.

          "Highly informative, interactive and inspiring." Hugh

           "I now have my life back and know how to manage addiction                               so I don't throw my life away." Jacqui

                                    "Best course ever!" Jamie