Life Coaching in Tralee

Reach your optimal best

Reach your optimal best

Full Life Therapy Coaching provides a safe, goal centred and active approach to attaining your optimal best. This aspect of coaching gives each client a designated space to dream and to formulate the stepping stones to attain their chosen goals.

Our appreciative inquiry method works on a strengths rather than deficit approach using cognitive behavioural tools, inspiration and challenges to motivate and empower clients to accomplish their objective.

Life Coaching is a process which works best for someone that has already dealt with life’s major challenges and is now looking to achieve personal goals, hopes and dreams.

It is different to counselling talk therapy and will include active participation from you as there is usually work that needs to be done in between sessions to acquire best outcomes. It is offered to clientele who want to develop a higher level of achievement in their lives whether it be career, education, sport, better relationship or future personal endeavours.

People often distract themselves working on the smaller details of life and sideline the big picture of their ambitions, goals and purpose. We can get so bogged down on the periphery of life that we lose sight of our larger goals. At our office centrally located in Tralee, we can help you break down your big picture into achievable bite sized chunks in order to target your bullseye - your big picture.