What Clients Are Saying About Full Life Therapy

“When I first went to Full Life Therapy, I was so unhappy with my life. I was jealous and not getting the attention I wanted from others. In our sessions I learnt how to love myself and realised how important I am in my own way. Full Life Therapy has changed my whole life. I am so happy now …. I value myself.”

“I felt so relaxed with my Counsellor at all times as she was able to give me solutions and helpful ways around my issues and help me to see everything clearly.”

“Gave me coping techniques and helped me to listen better.”

“I was listened to and understood.”

I found Full Life Therapy really useful to help break down my issues and to focus on the more important and positive things in my life… to look at the end goal and how to achieve it.”

“I would rarely give 10/10 in a feedback survey as I always find there can be room for improvement, I try to be as honest as possible with myself and the company that I am filling it out for but I genuinely cannot find anything to fault with the sessions that I had….”

“…I had been to counselling in the past where I felt it was a bit generic and a tick the box for the therapist whereas this was a more of a caring approach.” 

“Prior to attending Full Life Therapy, I struggled to believe in myself. Now, after these sessions, I now have more belief in what I have to offer in this world, it has made me make better decisions for me which in return has brought better outcomes in my life.“

“When I came to Full Life Therapy for the first time I was heartbroken and a complete mess…..helped me to understand why I feel the way I feel and that it’s ok not to be ok. I was pointed in the right direction and showed me how to take control of my life.”

“I am so glad I decided to sign up for counselling. She is definitely one of the best human beings I know, she knows her stuff and she has a huge knowledge about life. She helped me to help myself and changed my outlook on life. Thank you.”

“I needed support with finding myself and having more belief in myself and making some life decisions.  I always felt at ease in the room, I felt that she really listened to everything I was saying and her insight made sense to me.”

“Full Life Therapy helped me see where I was in life, what I had control of and how I could take control of what I felt I didn’t have control of …"

“….every time I left a session I felt empowered.  I did not want this to be short-lived so I practiced what we discussed in sessions and over the space of 2 – 3 months I felt I was thinking differently and living a more positive life all around.”

“Thankyou! I think their warmth and caring approach puts them ahead of the rest. Thanks again”

“We both really enjoyed working with our counsellor and our relationship has greatly benefited from having our couples sessions. Thanks again for all your help.”

“We really benefited from couples counselling. It really helped us recognise how important our relationship is and to help us get back on track as a couple. The love languages especially have helped us to communicate a lot better with each other. Everyone is always busy these days but it was really beneficial for my wife and I to take the time out to focus on our relationship.”

“I would highly recommend Full Life Therapy for any couple as it has greatly helped my wife and I.”