Counselling Dip., BA Psychology, Pre-accredited Member IACP  


Areas of Interest:

  • Low Mood and Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Loneliness and Belonging
  • LGBT Support
  • Minority Advocacy
  • Identity and Image Issues

Aimee counsels individuals using a person-centred, humanistic approach. She knows there is no life which is free from pain and believes that wrestling with our problems is the origin of growth. She explores her clients' values, interests, strengths and growing edges without judgement. What intrigues her most is discovering how each person makes meaning in their lives based on their own unique experiences. 

Aimee supports those who are experiencing hardship and struggling to move forward with the life they want. She believes it is essential for people to be able to resource themselves when something is negatively affecting daily life. Although starting the process of talking openly and honestly about painful issues can be daunting, Aimee creates a compassionate atmosphere where her clients can find the space to improve their lives and strengthen their sense of themselves. 

Aimee joined Full Life Therapy in Tralee from her previous experience counselling third level students at the University of Limerick.  She is a qualified pre-accredited member of the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP), an organization which adheres to a strong ethical framework and ensures current best practices in Ireland.

"As human beings, our job in life is to help people realize how rare and valuable each one of us really is, that each of us has something that no one else has – or ever will have – something inside that is unique to all time."  -Fred Rogers

Contact Aimee: 087 605 7043

"The thing that I'm getting out of counselling is just a calming feeling. I feel very relaxed after coming out of a session. It's like I've decluttered my head a bit and things just seem a bit clearer. It makes me feel like I'm taking steps in the right direction."

"Counselling with Aimee has given me a place where I can talk about my worries and everything I'm worrying about. I feel like I have a teammate to assist me in exploring solutions to my problems."

"I've been with counsellors before that I spent months with and I came out and nothing was different. I have the feeling that I am tangled at times and with Aimee I can unravel. In counselling I get a chance to check-in with myself which I don't get for the rest of the week. It relaxes my mind and clears it."

"I wish I met Aimee years ago. Before, my problems made me feel like I was plummeting to the centre of the earth. Now when something goes wrong, I can see it might just be that I'm in a pothole."