getting to the Heart of the Matter in CounselLing

Our Tralee counselling service offers a significant opportunity for exploration, self-discovery and personal growth. With active participation, counselling brings meaningful change in the life of each client. Meg and Aimee love their work and are genuine, highly skilled and experienced at working gently with life's difficult issues.


Addictions Counselling & Family Support

Actually...talking does help

Addiction happens in many families and no one needs to suffer in silence and alone. We recognise the destructive impact on both the addicted person and their family members. Addiction Counselling works to reduce harm and risks in the process of recovery. Family Support provides strength, encouragement and clear workable strategies to help you get back on track individually and to restore family fractures caused by addiction.


Workshops & Seminars

INTERACTIVE learning And collective conversations

Our dynamic workshops are topical and informative. We present seminars covering personal development and various mental well-being support topics. These are delivered over a half-full day, a weekend or over several days. Topics are tailored to your group's needs.


Fantastic Parenting

OUR Tralee Parenting Classes Help Reduce Stress

We work with parents, individually or together, to develop your best parenting strengths and style. You will gain skills which will help you and your child connect better, reduce conflict or guilt and start to get more peace in your relationship.


Spiritual Care

our spiritual being Can BE overlooked

Spiritual care integrates our spiritual (soul) dimension and explores this vital aspect of who we are as a human being. There is an unseen aspect of our humanity which can be a rich resource to becoming fully alive. Listening, contemplation and mindful reflection can give understanding to real spiritual perceptions.
*This work does not involve therapy, counselling or advice giving.

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Life Coaching


Life coaching helps to clarify what you want in your life and the tools necessary in how to get there - in your relationships, career and your whole lifestyle in general. It brings clarity to who you are, leading you out of that rut to add focus and direction. We work with your strengths to attain your personal and professional goals. Our life coach encourages you towards attaining achievable objectives. Together we find solutions to what has been holding you back with specific strategies, tools and skills.


Couples Counselling

tralee couples counselling

Full Life Therapy aims to support and restore marriages in turmoil and committed partnerships, but also to strengthen happy ones. We offer experienced pre-marriage, marriage and relationship couples counselling by empowering and supporting committed couples to fight fair, recognize and resolve conflict and deepen communication to improve relationships. We help you manage issues as they arise and make thoughtful decisions to strengthen or rebuild your relationship to a stronger bond than ever before.