Turn Your Hopes into Achievable Goals


The buzz of Christmas has finished and the weather and quiet allow us time to turn inwards.
Winter slows us down, gives us a chance to reflect and consider our private hopes and wishes for ourselves.

What turns a hope into an achievable goal?

  1. Make it something that you want to do. This sounds like a no brainer, but very often we try to make changes based on how we think we should be, or what we think other people want for us. When a project is personally interesting or meaningful, it will be easier to invest yourself.
  2. Stop relying on willpower. Whether it be weight or alcohol control, exercise or completing a course, you can probably talk yourself into doing it for a while. But you are human, and eventually you'll hit a roadblock. Rather than forcing yourself NOT to do something, look at what you GET out of changing your behaviour. Shift the focus to thanking yourself today for taking the steps that will make tomorrow's achievement real.
  3. Be specific and know what success looks like. Rather than simply saying “I want to be happier”, drill down on exactly that means to you. Instead of “I want to drink less”, maybe you mean “I want to meet friends for coffee instead of at the pub”.
  4. Allow for your off moments. It's natural to have periods where motivation is low, and a blow out is what you need. Acknowledge that, and pick up again working towards your goal as quickly as you can. Hiccups don't mean that you can't do it or don't have it in you. They just mean that you are human. Have compassion for your off days and come back to your goal where you left off.


What do you want to plant now to see bloom this Spring?